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May 26 2015

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the new neighbors seem cool.

May 23 2015

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Man is like a crow on the grave
Without movement or sound
The silence required by the tomb
Peace created by the void

The eyes reflect from the walls
Sharp and full of despair
The corners of a mouth
Hanging down like black hair

This man doesn’t ask for a dance
His power is in silence
All energy aimed at the soul
A wicked soul!

Stained by the fears of this world
Transformed into a great lion
Fangs hunger for relief
Blood and chaos

The key is in silence
Without silence the beast is free
Shelters crushed in the wind
A wind of knives and grief

Return to your shell
Return to your hell
You are like a crow
On the grave

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bitch, you know what I mean
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May 20 2015

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May 19 2015

May 18 2015

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May 14 2015

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May 09 2015

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